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in our Kitchen

At Village Farm Market we offer gift baskets filled with Lancaster County’s finest foods. Our baked goods are baked in our bakery. Our gift baskets are easy to order – give us a call to discuss the details of your order. Choose from one of our styles or we can create a custom basket to meet your needs. Create a gift that will leave a lasting impression on your family and friends.

From A Generous Heart


For that someone extra special! A generous selection of snacks, meats, and cheeses along with dipping sauce and fruit on the side.

Assorted Goodies


Enjoy a sampling of local meats and cheeses, along with baked goods, popcorn, and lots of tasty snacks. This gift basket is a delicious sampling of our delectable products.

Deluxe Meat & Cheese


This gift basket is filled with a fine selection of locally crafted artisan meats and cheeses for a winning tasteful gift basket.

Lancaster Deluxe

Enjoy a sampling of local meats and cheeses along with baked goods, popcorn and lots of tasty snacks. 

Holiday Homecoming


Gift some heartwarming cheer! A delightful sampling of meats and cheeses along with popcorn and chow chow on the side.

Holiday Specialty


A selection of some of the finest meats and cheeses along with pretzel crisps and sodas.

Market Special

This basket is filled with local meats and cheeses along with tasty snacks for a delicious special basket.

Bucket of Cheer


Know someone who would enjoy a gift? Surprise them with this gift bucket! Various cheeses, meats, and pretzel twists, topped with York Peppermint Patties.

Lancaster’s Wonder Basket

We’ve packed the best of Lancaster County into one basket! Homemade sticky buns, pies, canned goods, noodles, pancake mix, snack mixes and fresh fruit – it has it all!


Villager’s Grand Delight

A country crate filled with your choice of a homemade pie, canned goods, homemade bread, snack mixes, and fresh fruit.


Village Delight

This basket is a delightful sampling of fresh fruit and canned goods that everyone is bound to enjoy!


Citrus Burst

Inside this classic basket, you’ll find a collection of irresistibly fresh fruit complete with crispy apples and juicy oranges.

Baker’s Delight


Surprise them with fresh baking! Includes cookies, cinnamon buns, sweet bread, pie, bars, whoopie pies, and glazed pecans. 


Baker’s Specialty*

This basket is filled with our homemade bread, pie, whoopie pies, sticky buns, cookies, and a jar of honey.


Snacker’s Choice

Filled with delicious meat, savory cheese and pretzels, this basket is the perfect anytime snack.


Deluxe Snacker’s Choice

Filled with delicious meat and cheese along with honey mustard, pretzels and an apple drink, this basket is sure to delight everyone.


Meat & Cheese Lovers*

Filled with delicious meat and savory cheese.


Bakery Box*

This box is filled with our own baked goods. Fill this box with whoopie pies or cookies.

The Cookie Box


Gift a bit of heart and home when surprising someone with a Cookie Box! Filled with 24 cookies from classic to unique and decadent flavors. This is a touching gesture for the holidays!


Cookie Tin Special*

This cookie tin is filled with 30 cookies that have that homemade softness that melts in your mouth.

Popcorn Delight
Popcorn Delight*

Call for Pricing

Popcorn! Everyone’s delight. A small tin filled with popcorn.

Popcorn Gift Boxes & Tin*

Call for Pricing

Choose a large, medium or small gift box filled with popcorn.


Mix ‘n’ Munch*

Fill with your favorite candies, pretzels or snack mixes for a delightful treat.


Morning Tea Basket

Wake up to fresh baked bread with honey and homemade jam along with tea.


Nut Tray*
Sm – $15.95   Lg – $25.95

This tray is filled with an incredible assortment of nuts including cashews, walnuts, sunflower seeds and so much more. The perfect nutritious snack.
Also available as a candy tray.


Dried Fruit Burst Tray*
Sm – $15.95   Lg – $25.95

Featuring a tempting, mouth-watering array of dried fruit – dried apricots, dates, pineapples, mangoes and apples.